We provide Vision Therapy through MaximEyes Vision Enhancement Center. At MaximEyes Vision Enhancement Center, it is our passion to improve our patients’ life experiences through optimized visual performance. You can access the MaximEyes website here.

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy involves specific activities designed to improve eye teaming, focusing, eye movements, peripheral vision, depth perception, visual motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and visual perception. Vision therapy may be beneficial for people of all ages who want to strengthen their visual systems to enhance their performance in sports, with learning relate vision problems, strabismus (eye turn), amblyopia (lazy eye), perception problems, near point stress, and/or traumatic brain injuries. Please click here if you are looking for tools to help with your child’s vision.

What symptoms indicate a potential need for Vision Therapy?

Most children don’t complain when they have a vision problem impacting their learning because they don’t view the symptoms as abnormal. It is important for parents and educators to know the common symptoms:

  • >Frequent headaches or eye strain
  • >Blurring of distance or near vision, particularly after reading or other close work
  • >Avoidance of close work or other visually demanding tasks
  • >Poor judgement of depth
  • >Turning of an eye in, out, up or down
  • >Tendency to cover or close one eye when concentrating
  • >Poor eye-hand coordination
  • >Difficulty following a moving target

How is my child evaluated?

When we evaluate the visual system we look at more than the ocular health and refractive status of our patients. We assess the binocularity and ocular motor control as well focusing ability of each patient. If necessary we pursue further testing that analyzes our patients perceptual skills. All of these skills impact our patients ability to learn and function comfortably.

Can Vision Therapy help improve sports performance?

The answer is yes. While optimal vision acuity is important, there is much more to vision than just seeing clearly. There are many skills that impact how a player sees the field:

>EYE TRACKING : the ability to keep your eye on the ball or follow a moving object

>EYE FOCUSING : the ability to maintain clear vision as your eyes change focus quickly and accurately while looking from one distance to another

>PERIPHERAL VISION : The ability to see people and objects out of the corner of your eye while concentrating on a fixed point

>DEPTH PERCEPTION : the ability to quickly and accurately judge the distance between yourself, the ball, your opponents, teammates, and boundary lines

>FUSION AND FLEXIBILITY STAMINA : the ability to keep both eyes working together even under high speed and physically stressful conditions

>VISUALIZATION : the ability to picture events with your minds eye or imagination, especially as it relates to remembering plays, court position, and planning future action

>VISUAL CONCENTRATION : the ability to stay on task for increased awareness and fewer distractions

Sports specific vision therapy can improve performance in many ways.